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Industrial Painting


For all your industrial painting needs, we use the Bernardo Urki System line.

URKI SYSTEM is the Universal Tintometric System created by Bernardo Ecenarro to efficiently meet the needs of the market in terms of “Range of Products”, “Colorimetrics”, “Quickness”, “Quantity” and “Price”. More than 12,000 shades available in more than 70 levels of quality. You can download the Urki System software.

For interior application, we can apply it directly onto steel. Made from chlorinated rubber and unsaponifiable plastic coatings that are highly resistant to water, acid and alkali.

  • Recommended for painting with farm equipment and on public works, elevators, cranes, construction material, etc. For all projects requiring reduced prices.
  • To protect metal surfaces exposed to weather in industrial or marine applications: bridges, cranes, containers, silos, chemical industries, etc. Also for concrete.