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About us

img profil-1The company was founded in 1985 as Recyclage P.R. enr. The beginnings were modest; at that time, the company concentrated primarily in recycled auto parts sales, and to a lower level in the sale of new and refurbished auto parts.

Demand increased over the years. The company saw its first transformation and had to hire new people and increase its inventory of new and refurbished parts. At that point, recycled car parts had to be put on the sidelines. In order to complement its car parts activities, it became imperative for the company to start selling a large variety of tires and other products. This is why the company name was changed to Auto-Kit inc. The company soon after joined the Auto Value group to increase its purchasing power in order to be more competitive on the market.

img profil-2Today, Auto-Kit inc, also formerly known as Hyper Pièces d’auto, has over twenty employees who offer a complete range of services, knowledge and experience. Auto-Kit inc’s success today is largely due to its unrivaled service, its devoted personnel, and its dear customers.